1970 Founded Mitco as a machine shop in South Gate, California (2 employees)

Moved to Santa Fe Springs, California (3 employees)


Incorporated Mitco Industries and added precision grinding, honing, and welding services; primary customers were oil service companies and suppliers thereto, primarily manufacturing oil well surveying, logging, and MWD equipment
(4 employees)


Developed a vacuum flask heat shield technology, and related custom heat shield product line, used primarily for thermal protection of down hole instrumentation for oil and gas, and geothermal well bore surveying, and video and geophysical well logging (10 employees)


Added first CNC machine (12 employees)

1985 Acquired property in Buena Park, California, and subsequently designed and built a building with 2,800 sq. ft. of office and development lab space, with city approved provisions to add 5,000 sq. ft of manufacturing shop space (15 employees)

Acquired and moved into a new 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Bloomington, California (20 employees)


Hired a senior engineer to further develop product lines. Established a sales, manufacturing, and repair service outsourcing business relationship with a major oil service company, and opened a support facility in Houston, Texas (25 employees)

1997 Formally established an engineering department with the addition of a registered professional mechanical engineer, a designer, and three CAD workstations; began offering engineering services and custom engineered products (30 employees)

Opened a new shop in Yorba Linda, California, to manufacture dry sump oil pump components, and related custom engine oil pans, for the performance race industry (30 employees)


Developed a high temperature well logging component product line (30 employees)


Acquired and moved performance race industry products manufacturing into a 6,000 sq. ft. building in Anaheim, California (30 employees)

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