Thermal protection for downhole instrumentation
  • Thermoshield Flasks
  • Insulator Plugs
  • Integral Thermoshield/Pressure Barrel Assemblies
  • Heat Sink Assemblies

Thermal Protection

The MITCO Thermoshield is a protective housing for downhole instrumentation packages, providing a transient thermal barrier against frequently encountered intense downhole temperatures. This provides extra hours critical for the complete and successful acquisition of survey or other logging data.

Rated to 500°F (260°C) downhole ambient temperature with special applications to 800°F (426°C).

Based on the Dewar flask principle, the MITCO Thermoshield is manufactured to high quality standards. Each manufactured flask is tested at elevated temperatures to verify thermal performance and is evaluated with a helium leak test procedure to insure long vacuum life.

Each MITCO Thermoshield is designed and built to the specific geometric constraints and configuration required by the customer, to include a closed end, or passage for electrical or other feedthroughs as required.

Evacuation between the thermoshield flask's inner and outer tube takes place at elevated temperature and then the flask is gettered. This produces and maintains an extremely high vacuum level for a superior thermal barrier.

Manufactured fully non-magnetic if required.

Available in sizes for conventional survey instruments and custom sizes from 1 " to 6" O.D. with .75" to 5.25" I.D. Overall lengths up to 168".
Application engineering available to custom design thermoshields to specific requirements.


l" to 6" O.D.
0.75" to 5.25" I.D.
Up to 168" length
Built to specific geometric constraints and configuration required by customer
Top insulating plug optional
Closed or feed through bottom
Time-Temperature curve indicative of performance and not quantitative. Curve based on nonheat-dissipating aluminum instrument simulator that fills the entire instrument cavity. Real performance for given payload is dependent on flask geometry, instrument thermal properties, and internal energy dissipation.
Integral Thermoshield/Pressure Barrel Assemblies Available
  • Up to 22,000 psi pressure
  • Fully non-magnetic if required
Custom Heat Sink Assemblies
  • Consult MITCO
To protect wellbore survey instruments To protect wellbore logging instruments
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